The Zombie Evasion is a fabulous way to ensure you stay fit...and alive!

Participants can signup as either a survivor, or zombie.  As a survivor your goal is to stay alive along the 5km route.  Given the zombie apocalypse has disrupted all communications, you will not know the route.  A repeating radio signal has directed you to the initial safe zone (your starting line).  

Unfortunately the zombies can't be kept at bay and you will be forced to run for your survival.  Wearing a race belt (think flag-football) along with 1 - 4 health flags, zombies will be chasing you over the 5km course....hoping to eat your brains (AKA grab your health flags). Zombies will be chasing from behind (the chasers) and will also be roaming aimlessly along the course - you won't know where they'll appear, so stay sharp!

If all your health flags are removed during the 5km you will still run for the finish...but you'll be popping up under the 'undead' results.  

Racing as a team, your goal is to keep your captain alive at all costs.  Make sure you finish together!  As long as your captain crosses the line with one health-flag, you all survive!

Everyone will live or eat brains to tell the tale next year!

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